Friday, April 17, 2009

10 Cancer Truths

Ten things I would advise someone recently diagnosed with cancer:

1 Choose to define yourself as a survivor (it’s better than existing as a victim)

2 Believe whatever helps you. Cancer is a disease of the body, it can’t control what you believe. (statistics, clinical studies and doctors opinions can’t determine what you believe either)

3 Make choices about your life and treatment.

4 Empower your choices with consistent action, ie, if you decide that sugar promotes cancer, then don’t eat it! If you decide to have chemotherapy then take it willingly and without resistance.

5 Accept what is with grace. Resisting your condition only leads to more suffering.

6 Believe in the hype (that you can choose not to have cancer) if you want to. But realise your limits: If you are currently unable to choose not to worry then you probably don’t yet have the ability to choose not to have cancer.

7 Love. Love your family and friends. Love yourself. Love your body and love the wayward cells of your body.

8 Treat your body with care and loving attention, especially the affected parts. Fighting cancer is just fighting an aspect of yourself, it leads to struggle and frustration.

8 Realise that no one is going to save you. It would be nice if a doctor or a miracle cure could make it all go away but even the best available treatments only assist the healing power of your body so develop faith in yourself first.

10 Create joyous reasons to survive and celebrate every success with gratitude. We could all already be dead so we are the lucky ones.

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