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Can beliefs influence Cancer on the Cellular Level?

To explore this question I would like to tell you the story of Mr Wright.
This is from an article by Dr. Bruno Klopfer in Journal of Projective Techniques Volume 21

Mr. Wright was a patient of psychologist Bruno Klopfer in 1957.
Mr. Wright had far-advanced lymphosarcoma with tumours the size of oranges in his neck, groin, chest and armpits. He had already exhausted all known treatments and was expected to die of his disease.

Mr. Wright had not given up hope though and when he heard of a new drug called Krebiozen he begged so hard to be included in the trial that he was given a shot of the new drug even though he didn’t qualify as a study subject.
Dr. Klopfer expected Mr. Wright to be dead the following morning but was amazed to find him out of his bed and chatting happily. With continued treatments of Krebiozen Mr. Wright’s tumours melted away within a few days even though the other study subjects showed no such improvements.

Mr. Wright was discharged within 10 days. Within months, however, conflicting reports began to appear in the media about the effectiveness of the drug and Mr. Wright relapsed to his original state and returned to hospital depressed and once more near death.

At this point Dr. Klopfer assured Mr. Wright that the bad press was due to the early shipments of the drug deteriorating during transit and promised to treat him with some fresh, extra potent Krebiozen.

Mr. Wright’s attitude became once more positive and he responded to the drug again with amazing results, except the injections he received were actually only water.
This could have possibly been a happy story except that it seems that Mr. Wright was never told that his miracle cure was really created by his belief in a non-existent drug.

Sadly after reading further reports on the worthlessness of Krebiozen, Mr Wright was re-admitted to the hospital in extremis, his faith was gone, his last hope vanished, and he succumbed in less than two days.

So what happened here. What caused the disappearance and reappearance of Mr Wrights’ tumours? Was it the drugs?

No, Mr Wrights tumours disappeared the second time when he though he was given the drug even though he was only given an injection of water.
It would seem that the driving force in Mr Wright’s recovery from near death was his belief and faith that the new drug would cure him. When he had an optimistic outlook the tumours melted away. When he lost faith the tumours returned.
How does this work? How does a state of mind actually precipitate the creation or discreation of physical tumours?

If we were able to look inside Mr Wright as his tumours were melting away I suspect that we would not find anything unusual going on within his body. I expect that only natural physical processes would be happening and the natural physical process responsible for maintaining health is the immune system.

Mr Wright’s expectation of health would have activated his immune system to recognise that the tumours needed removing and the normal processes of T cells and white blood cells etc would have began to destroy and remove the cancer cells.

Is this possible?

In the book, Quantum Healing, Dr Deepak Chopra tells us how the cells of the immune system contain an intelligence that responds to the intelligence of the mind/body.

I the book, The Biology of belief, Dr Bruce Lipton describes how each of the trillions of cells in our bodies respond to chemical and energetic signals created by our emotions and thoughts.

Our thoughts, attitudes and emotions can turn the effectiveness of our immune system up or down from one moment to the next.

Many doctors and writers claim that our immune system deals with cancerous cells continuously throughout our lives. That cells are continuously becoming cancerous but our immune system destroys and removes them before they can grow to a size that becomes recognised as a cancer.

When we are positive, free from stress and in a healthy state emotionally, our immune system will maintain our bodies in a healthy state but when we are stressed, unhappy and negative, we become vulnerable to infections, diseases and cancer.

In the book, The Creation of Health, Dr Norman Sheilie and Caroline Myss describe how the demands of modern life are causing people to be in a permanent state of stress that lowers their immune systems and makes them susceptible to cancer and other diseases.

It goes like this…
Imagine that things are not going well for you at work. The boss is not satisfied with your performance and, other, younger workers want your position. The economy is not good and cutbacks need to be made.
At home you are having trouble meeting the mortgage and your partner is critical of how much money you are making.
Your kids don’t seem to take any notice of you and you feel nobody cares about you or supports you.
You feel resentful of others and that there is nothing you can do about your situation. You really don’t like you job anyway but can’t afford to stop doing it.
The future looks like a threatening place and you don’t feel you can discuss this with your partner as you don’t want to admit your vulnerability. In short you feel hopeless and worthless.

Can you feel what this does to your energy ?

The message that you are broadcasting to your cells is that life is hopeless, your immune system responds by shutting down and illness results as a solution to the stress of an impossible life
Now you discover you have cancer and the doctor tells you that you only have three months to live.
Is this going to boost your immune response, probably not. Depression just makes it worse.

Add to this mix a 30 day dose of chemotherapy and your immune system is in real trouble. Chemotherapy doesn’t just kill caner cells, it kills all rapidly diving cells, ie, stomach lining cells, skin cells, caner cells and bone marrow cells.
The cells of you bone marrow create your blood cells, which are the main component of your immune system. Chemotherapy kills millions of blood cells and can lead to the complete shutdown of the immune system.
Things are not looking good for you!

Lets go the other way.
Imagine that you realise that you have a choice. You can make decisions and positively change you life situation.
You reassess your life and realise that you can live in smaller house, get rid of the mortgage and work at a new job that reflects your values.
You realise that you can begin to talk to your kids and are not afraid to be honest and vulnerable with them and your reconnect with your love and respect of your partner.

You decide that you can change your diet to eat more healthily and you take up meditation to relax your mind and exercise to strengthen your body. You can decide that your death is not determined by statistics.
Now you are communication to your immune system that you love being alive and your immune system will respond by flooding your blood stream with T cells and white cells eager to remove all trace of cancer.
Your tumours will melt away like Mr Wright’s.

Mr Write’s story, and many others like it show us that beliefs can influence what happens on a cellular level in the body. All it takes is your intention to take responsibility for your life situation and emotional stresses and your decision that you will heal and you can influence the health of your cells.

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